What is a Smart City?

A smart or ‘intelligent’ city is a development using technology to manage and streamline processes, resources and assets. 

Citizen input and participation is key. The concept aims to improve the quality of services and reduce costs. The concept has direct and positive impact for lifestyles, mobility, housing, sustainability, innovation, business, etc. The biggest gain is to fuse innovation with economic, social and ecological challenges – improving the quality of life.

We cannot have Smart Cities without data. The inherent challenges are great – storing, standardizing, processing, securing and making it accessible as Open Data. Many cities have already made phenomenal progress but we need to remember its been a foundation cemented and carried forward over many years and administrations.

The longer we wait, the greater the distance to realize.

Lets start with the vision. 

  • Do you have the vision? 
  • Can you articulate that vision? 
  • Can you influence and lead people to meet and engage that vision?
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